Warhammer 40k - 1500pt Match
July 19th, 2014

Uploaded photos from last nights “quick” after work match to Google+. It was my Chaos vs Max’s army of Tyranids (first time facing them). Luckily, the winner was the one with the most tactical points and I squeaked away with a few more on my last turn and got a victory after 4 rounds (it was getting late). Solid game and would have been interesting to see how it fared out with a few more rounds for sure. First time also running Psyker stuff in 7th, really interesting. Can’t recommend the Tactical Cards & Mysterious Objectives enough though, great additions to the game.

Warhammer 40k - 2,000 Point Match
July 12th, 2014

Uploaded photos from today’s game to Google+ (taken with my cellphone, easiest way to share, ha). Was a 2,000pt match between my Chaos army and Max’s Blood Angels. First time we’ve used Tactical Cards and Mysterious Objectives with 7th edition and it was so much fun. 

Not so much fun was the fact I was rolling 1’s and 2’s all damn day. Was my downfall. Lost 11-3 (ouch!). Still, a lot of fun and continuing to learn the game more with each match. 

Warhammer - Chaos

Started a new album on Flickr and starting to post some finished photos of my Chaos army (which is now 2,000+ points strong). I’ll be posting more soon, so check back! 

July 2014. 

Can’t believe it’s already July! Either way, my latest desktop calendar wallpaper is now available for download. Head over to my site to get it for desktop, mobile and tablet resolutions. Enjoy! 

Storms. The only good thing about summer. Just wish I had access to the roof of our building so I could have more angles to shoot. View more over at Flickr. 

Such a beautiful wedding two weekends ago for our friends John and Reid, followed by an equally beautiful sunset. I’ve uploaded this photo and more to Flickr tonight. Check them out!

Trying to get better at 1) taking more photos and 2) uploading them in a timely manner. I’ve been updating my Flickr account this weekend and just uploaded a group of photos from a recent trip the to Industry City Distillery. Enjoy!

Photo from the last game I played. Max has begun customizing his table and my painted army was looking great. Just got a lightbox so I plan to take and upload better shots of my full list soon …

Warhammer Conversions

Been messing around with converting some Dark Angels from the Dark Vengeance box set to Chaos, with a Nurgle theme. Decided to post some work-in-progress videos to Youtube. First time using green stuff too.