Even more reason to love the guys at MediaTemple, they are quoting me on their homepage. Love them and their service, can’t recommend them enough. 

You can now download my latest calendar wallpaper for your desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Ring in Spring with something clean and somewhat different from other wallpapers I’ve offered. Taken with a Nikon D80 in Washington DC a few years back. 

My Chaos Lord has had enough of Max’s Land Raider destruction. Should have more photos up soon from our recent Warhammer day.

One of my coworkers is really huge into Warhammer 40K and decided to have a few of us over to play a few weeks back. Needless to say, it was a blast! Decided to pick up the Dark Vengeance starter pack (Chaos and Dark Angels) as the Orks that I really want to play are a bit outdated. Started to paint my Helbrute and cultists and thought I’d share a progress shot of my army. Not too bad thus far. My first game with the is next weekend so we’ll see how Chaos works out. I’ll take some better shots with my DSLR once the full army is complete. Meanwhile, you can follow me on Instagram as I’ve been sharing some in-progress photos. Really wish I had gotten into 40K when I was back at Mythic, that employee discount would really come in handy right about now, ha!

Two hours later and the first Chaos figure is pretty much done. 26 more to go! Excited to get back into this but man does it eat up time. 

I have a brand new wallpaper out today, exclusively available from dsktps.com. You can download it today for desktop, tablet and mobile (including retina resolutions).

Proud to announce you can now download Thingiverse for Android! You can read more about the app at my site or download the app today from the Google Play store.